Being A Mom

I read this blog post about SAHM’s (for those not up on the lingo Stay At Home Mom).
I have been both a SAHM and a WM (Working Mom). I know I prefer to be a WM. Both are hard… But I love my life difficult though it may be.
I live a bit of an old-fashioned life. I don’t have running water… I get my water from a spring down the road by filling up water jugs. To shower, I heat up water on the stove and stand in a plastic tote or go to a friend or family members home.
I also don’t have a septic system. Instead I have a composting toilet. Keeping it clean isn’t easy but I get compost out of it. (sounds a little gross… Trust me.. I wasn’t comfortable with it at first either and I still refuse to use the compost in my vegetables garden… For the flowers only… I don’t eat those)
To water the garden and my animals I either pray for rain or fill up five gallon buckets from the brook a little walk away.
Plus I have the usual cooking and cleaning chores. Dishes… Heat up water on stove… Wash in small plastic tote. Laundry… If I’m feeling adventurous (or broke) I’ll wash by hand in a tote otherwise I thank whoever invented the laundromat and go there.
Even with all that I find too much time on my hands being a SAHM. I took up knitting and read voraciously. Still… I get bored. So I like going out and working… It helps pay the bills as well.
I can’t understand why people say that either SAHM or WM’s have it harder. Being a MOM no matter what you do in life is hard. There’s no test, no manual, no class anywhere to teach you. Just do your best and be happy wherever it takes you.


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