KSC Riot vs Pumpkin Fest

I had so many concerned friends and family messaging me tonight because they were hearing about the riots at the Keene Pumpkin Festival. Since the news can’t report properly let me update you.
THERE WERE NO RIOTS AT THE PUMPKIN FESTIVAL! The riots were soley over near the Keene State College.
How do I know this? I was at the Pumpkin Festival. I saw no rioting the whole time I was there wandering around. Everyone there was looking at pumpkins, eating great food, drinking some good drinks (and I’m not referring to the alcoholic kind though I assume some people did but most were limited in their drinking if they did imbibe), and spending time with friends and family and neighbors.
It’s too bad that the goodness and recognition Keene gets from the Pumpkin Festival is overshadowed by the poor judgement of the KSC kids. Sure drink, party, have fun but don’t hurt people and property doing so.
The theme for this year’s festival was a tribute to Robin Williams. Well, all you kids rioting…. I’m not laughing and neither is the rest of Keene.


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