I Don’t Ever Want to Go Through That Again

I am woken about 12:30 in the morning by this sound. Being a deep sleeper this is a very unusual event and I am petrified. I jump out of bed and race to check on my children thinking that sound must have come from the roof collapsing. (I have no logical reason for this fear. I live in a mobile home and my in-laws lived in a trailer where the roof collapsed but my house is sturdy.)
Everything appears to be okay and I am relieved that my children are fine. (In fact my son slept through the crash much to the annoyance of my daughter who also was woken by the crash)
I decide to check outside to see what the noise could have been. I never left the house. Right outside via flashlight I can see the tree. It goes along my yard and right next to the house. (right outside my son’s room to be exact).
Now I’m shaking. Omg my son could have been killed. I called my husband knowing that he’d just gotten out of work. He’s about 45 minutes away. Then I talked with my aunt for a bit and cried… That woke my son up (go figure).
When my husband arrived we looked over the tree. It’s a good thing I didn’t investigate more on my own because the tree actually hit the house right over my son’s room.
I’m very grateful that this situation didn’t turn out worse but I’d rather not go through it again.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Ever Want to Go Through That Again

  1. That’s so scary. I’m glad everyone was fine. ūüôā

  2. How scary for you.The thought of the possibilities lingers on after the fact. I’m glad no one was hurt.

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