Uh, yeah…. Little late but whatever… This is my blog thank you very much… I’ll post when I want. 🙂
So, busy day…Got kids off to school, Dog sat, slept, fed animals, picked kids up, went to work. Worked in another department for an hour… That was cool. Maybe I’ll get to do it again tonight. Checked on everyone at home after work. Had a minor reaction on my last three fingers of my left hand. Washed and took a Zyrtec. All better now. I think. Went to my SILs, slept, and have gotten kids off to school. Picking up up some breakfast then heading home to start fire and make sure animals are set for the cold tonight.


01.05.15 Longest Day So Far This Year

Woke up at 6:30 AM to get the Monsters off to school. Today was their first ski lesson and I didn’t have to pick them up from school. Made sure they had everything. Packed food for dinner. (yes, dinner not lunch, they get lunch at school and ski lessons go late).
Then after feeding the dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, goose, and pig, I transported a turtle I was caring for to my girlfriend’s (more on her later). I was concerned that even with the tank heater he’d freeze with the cold we are getting. I can’t keep the fire going while I’m at work. Another trip to the house to get the turtle stand. After that I made some Ramen, brought a car seat to a friend to borrow, and went to my sister-in-law’s to take a shower. Then to work. After work, talked with some of my coworkers for awhile then went home, started fire. Then back to sister-in-law’s to sleep before I have to get kids up for school. It’s currently 3 AM on 01.06.15 and now I’m going to bed.


So, what did I do today? I shopped. Lol got dinner for the kids for after their first ski lessons tomorrow, cat food, chicken food, and coal.
Then I renovated my chicken coop. (I loosely call it a chicken coop… It’s a large wooden crate my ‘husband’ brought home one day a couple years ago. I put down a couple pallets, put some plywood down, put the crate upside down on that, then covered one side with a piece of plywood and the top to cover the cracks.) Anyway, the renovation was to fit the new goose I’m now caring for. It fit the chickens and ducks Okay but the goose had an issue with ducking. Lol. So I cut part of the front door off widening the doorway height-wise and using a hair dryer I warmed up some of the piled up chicken/duck crap and cleaned it out. Now goose fits. Moved him/her in (not certain of gender).
Then I cleaned my hallway, hunted for ski clothes for the kids, watched a couple of movies and once it was dark enough wrangled some chickens.
I took in the chickens and goose from my neighbor who moved to town and couldn’t take them too.
Now off to keep the stove going and sleep a little before getting kids off to school tomorrow.


Today, I read for a while. (Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich. I love her Stephanie Plum series they can always make me laugh.) I also played some games (Solitaire, Bingo, and Monopoly). All in all I rested because I could. The monsters had ditched me for Grammie next door so I took advantage.
Tonight however I wake to a sound. I listened for a bit then peered out the window with a flashlight….. Wonderful… Snow (said with a large dose of sarcasm). So I got up…. Got the fire going and went out to shovel off my roof. During snowstorms I have to continuously do this as I live in a crappy mobile home and I worry that one day the roof will cave in.
Now I’m back in the house continuing work on the fire and writing today’s post 😉 Soon I’ll go to bed for a little bit before checking fire again and again. Tomorrow I’ll probably be busy shoveling and in between doing the fire, chores, and cleaning… Oh joys what fun.

New Year, New Post

It’s currently as I write this the second day of 2015. Today, I got my car inspected! Yay! Sure I should have gotten it done back in November but lol it’s done now. I also made a payment for my kids to get ski lessons. Thankfully a local program is helping to pay the rest and I will make a donation to them once I finish getting the money together. This has taken a massive load off my mind and I greatly appreciate the help.
On to other thoughts. I’m considering raising bull riding bulls… The only problem I’ve hit in these thoughts are there are not many rodeos in New Hampshire. I don’t even think there is a club or association up here for it. I’ll have to do some more research into it. I have a lot to learn still.
This year’s plans are to fix most of my cats. One cat I didn’t want getting pregnant gifted me with two kittens on Christmas. Sigh. Oops. Other plans are getting the house cleaned again and working on my garden. I’m going to start raising broilers this year and am considering trying turkeys. Also I want to get a truck. I love my Volvo and am not trading her but a truck would be damn useful around here.
Well… Here’s wishing all my followers a great new year. I’m off to bed now (I hope as I’m only writing because I’m still awake lol)