Today, I read for a while. (Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich. I love her Stephanie Plum series they can always make me laugh.) I also played some games (Solitaire, Bingo, and Monopoly). All in all I rested because I could. The monsters had ditched me for Grammie next door so I took advantage.
Tonight however I wake to a sound. I listened for a bit then peered out the window with a flashlight….. Wonderful… Snow (said with a large dose of sarcasm). So I got up…. Got the fire going and went out to shovel off my roof. During snowstorms I have to continuously do this as I live in a crappy mobile home and I worry that one day the roof will cave in.
Now I’m back in the house continuing work on the fire and writing today’s post ūüėČ Soon I’ll go to bed for a little bit before checking fire again and again. Tomorrow I’ll probably be busy shoveling and in between doing the fire, chores, and cleaning… Oh joys what fun.


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