So, what did I do today? I shopped. Lol got dinner for the kids for after their first ski lessons tomorrow, cat food, chicken food, and coal.
Then I renovated my chicken coop. (I loosely call it a chicken coop… It’s a large wooden crate my ‘husband’ brought home one day a couple years ago. I put down a couple pallets, put some plywood down, put the crate upside down on that, then covered one side with a piece of plywood and the top to cover the cracks.) Anyway, the renovation was to fit the new goose I’m now caring for. It fit the chickens and ducks Okay but the goose had an issue with ducking. Lol. So I cut part of the front door off widening the doorway height-wise and using a hair dryer I warmed up some of the piled up chicken/duck crap and cleaned it out. Now goose fits. Moved him/her in (not certain of gender).
Then I cleaned my hallway, hunted for ski clothes for the kids, watched a couple of movies and once it was dark enough wrangled some chickens.
I took in the chickens and goose from my neighbor who moved to town and couldn’t take them too.
Now off to keep the stove going and sleep a little before getting kids off to school tomorrow.


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