Sometimes I find it is hard to vent about a particular subject. I never know who it is okay to vent to about certain topics. Today I want to vent about the sister-in-law I can’t stand but I can’t post it here, I can’t post it on Facebook, I can’t talk to her brother about it (yeah he’s technically my husband but he doesn’t understand my issues with her, I’ve been called childish over my complaints), I certainly can’t discuss it with her, nor do I feel comfortable discussing this with most of my family, as some of them are friends with the person in question. It’s frustrating, which I guess is the  point of this post. I’m frustrated that I can’t properly vent how I feel. I hate that I feel that I can’t vent because I hate being told I can’t. I guess even I’m not allowed to tell myself I can’t. (lol that’s kind of funny).
Well, this was slightly therapeutic….I think I’ll go hide in my book (currently reading Lily by Lauren Royal.)