Being a Friend 

I’m not a perfect friend, though I feel as though I am a good one. Some things about being a friend is just confusing to me. Why can I not be as good a friend to a guy as I am a girl?  Why should there be a difference? I guess this stems from society. Society assumes if a guy and girl spend time together then ‘obviously’ they are having sex. I am not saying that it doesn’t happen because I know there are people who would take advantage of a situation in which it’s just a girl and a guy. However it certainly does make being a friend to a guy, being a girl,  difficult, especially when said girl just wants to be friends. I don’t offer sex to my male friends. So I don’t see why I can’t invite them over to watch a movie and then when it gets late say ‘hey, why don’t you just spend the night on my couch.’ To me, I’m being the good friend keeping my friend safe by not having them drive home tired. But, male friend can not stay because girlfriend won’t like it, or they think this is a ploy to get them into my bed. Uh-uh. I’m super picky about who gets to hang out in my bed. Sorry (not really). I guess maybe I’m just a little more forward thinking than society. I don’t care if my friend is male, female, straight, gay, or has a different skin tone than mine, I’m still going to be their friend and act like a good friend should. 


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