My Best Friend, M. C. 

I have two best friends. I’m going to talk about M. C.  here. M. C. is going through a tough time. She just had a baby and a week after having the baby her boyfriend, the baby’s dad, passed away. To top all that off his birthday would have been the next week. She’s now the sole provider and caretaker of three gorgeous girls, ranging in age from 11 to newborn. My heart breaks for her. 

Tonight she was talking about journaling, which has been helping her cope with the loss. And I realized that I am sadly lacking on my own blog so here I write. 

I just met M. C.’s boyfriend two days before he died. I told him to take care of my woman. When I heard that he was gone I was angry at him. It was an accident but I didn’t care. He’s no longer around to care for my best friend and her girls. 

Sure, I didn’t know him well enough to grieve like M. C.  is, but I am working my way through my feelings on his death. I’m going to be there for the family for the rest of their lives. Do anything I can to help. She’s my best friend. 


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