Columbus Day

I hear every holiday some complaint over it. Today is Columbus Day and I’m seeing things like started genocide and indigenous heritage. I’m sorry but Columbus had nothing to do with the killings of native Americans. Whether one likes it or not the fact that Columbus landed in America in October of 1492, is part of our history. It is FACT. The wars on the natives of America didn’t start until 1622. Stop blaming him for every bit of history that happened after he arrived on our shores. By this thought process, we can blame Columbus for the current wars going on now. If he hadn’t landed here then September 11,2001 wouldn’t have happened. Or the Boston Marathon bombing. Or the hate that many people across the ocean has for us, Americans. I’m tired of hearing all the complaints about holidays celebrating or remembering parts of our history. I tired of hearing complaints about ANY holiday. Some people actually enjoy celebrating these holidays and all these complaints are doing is bringing them down. You DO NOT have to celebrate. (Amazing idea huh?) Let those who wish to celebrate enjoy there celebration , whatever the holiday may be. 


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