Last week

So my plans for posting once a day, once again, went by the wayside. With Monday being a holiday I pretty much relaxed. Watched a ton of NCIS my favorite show, did minor cleaning, and did the laundry. The Friday before I got my cat fixed and got pulled over for no inspection sticker. Now there is a story because the cop pulled me over for no inspection sticker but, I also left my wallet at home so no driver’s license and for some strange reason my registration for the vehicle I was driving was in the glove box of my other vehicle (I was unaware of this until I tried to give the cop my registration). He actually, much to my surprise, let me go. The rest of the week I was tired or stressed about bills due so I slept alot. Had appointments that kids needed to go to and I managed to get them to their respective appointments. I have however started working on writing a book. Some silly thing I have wanted to do for awhile and I finally decided what the hell let’s start. (No I am not going to post the story here don’t be silly I just started writing it) Hope everyone has a great week and I will try to continue to post well whatever I feel like writing.:)


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