Playing with my tablet.

I just got a tablet so this is my first post using it. I’m still figuring somethings out but so far I like it. It’s easier to type on than my phone and less bulky than my laptop.
So, I’m tired of winter. I’m tired of being sick. I want to plant my garden and play out in the sunshine and warm air. Anyone else? I am going to grow pumpkins and watermelons this year. Thinking about doing turkeys too. Raising for breeding purposes. I have plans for a new bird coop and I want to expand my yard. Yup, I’m thinking green lol.
Oh, By the way…. Anyone know any good farming apps?


How Being a Farmer is Like Being a Parent

 I came across this article How being a farmer is like being a parent…wow she hit the nail on the head. Being both a mother and a farmer I never thought to consider how much alike the two are. I make sure the kids (aka Monsters) have what  nutrients they need to grow, much like what I do with my animals and the plants I am trying to grow. Just go read her article cause her words are great and mine would not do justice to what she had to say.

Dairy Carrie- Is There Pus In Milk

I recently read Dairy Carrie’s post Is There Pus In Milk. Even having been a dairy farmer for 8 years I had never had an explanation of the somatic cell count (SCC) as good as the one she gives in her post. I implore you, my readers, to go read her blog post. Heck just read and follow her blog…she shares a lot of wonderful information about the dairy industry.

I am a Fahm-her!

Between yesterday and today I hatched out 14 chicks in my incubator so far. 🙂 I am pretty pleased with myself as this is the largest batch I’ve managed to hatch out since I bought the incubator last September. Here’s a pic of the chicks that have hatched so far:

2014-06-03 10.16.00

Aren’t they cute?

I am not having a whole lot of luck with the seeds I planted. Not one has come up yet. 😦

However, my lilac tree after 11 years has FINALLY flowered! Yay!

2014-06-03 10.29.28

And the Giant Pumpkin plants, a friend gave me are doing well. (I think, I hope)

2014-06-03 10.29.49

To continue where I was going when I started this post…. I am fahm-her lol I thought about it for a bit this morning and most people (at least here in New England where I live and grew up) Farmer is pronounced (fahm-AH) but there are places where it is pronounced (farm-er). Then I wondered when did they drop the “h” before the “er”. Historically, women were the ones who worked the fields and took care of the plants. They were the original “farm-hers”.  Men worked with the animals. I guess I am a little backwards as I do better with the animals than I do with the plants but you know what…..I am a fahm-her and I am proud of it….and when I grow the biggest pumpkin and win the first prize at the local fair…I’ll go ha! lol.

“I Never Wanted To Be A Wife” from Dairy Carrie

“I Never Wanted To Be A Wife” from Dairy Carrie

I read Dairy Carrie’s blog post “I Never Wanted To Be A Wife” I thought about it and was like…huh. While I wanted to be a wife….I always wanted to be a farmer as well. However, I would NEVER term myself a farm wife. That isn’t an issue anyway as my husband is not a farmer. When asked what I do I am a farmer. More specifically a dairy farmer with no cows lol. I can not put here what Dairy Carrie wrote…She, in my opinion, wrote it perfectly. Just because we are women, doesn’t mean our work is less or more than a man’s. In farm life we are equals. Everyone shares the load of getting all the chores done…Well, if you are in that situation…I do all my work myself and therefore I deserve all the credit…On some days the kids deign help out but usually its just me. 🙂  

Identifying myself

When a part of your identity is wrapped up in what you do for a living and you lose it, it leaves you with a huge sense of loss and a bit of an identity crisis.
Who am I now?
Well you are still you. May take you a while to realize it. Just because you aren’t doing what you love doesn’t take away the part of you that is that.
I’m a dairy farmer with no cows. A dairy farmer is part of who I am. And while I miss the farm life involving the cows it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a farmer. I may end up with a job in the city. So what? Deep in my heart I’m a dairy farmer…. And one day I will be again!

Farming- What People Think But Don’t Know

I just read The Peterson Farm Bros Blog by Greg Peterson. It is very well written and if you knew me I’d say the exact same things he did though my discussion would be on dairy cows while he discusses the beef industry.
I may not be a dairy farmer at the moment but in my heart I’m a dairy farmer. Overall I’m a farmer. There are way too many people who have no idea of the farming lifestyle. I love how the boys from the Peterson Farm make an effort to inform the public about farming. More farmers should be like them.
Farming isn’t easy but farmers care about the land and they care about their animals.
Go read Greg’s blog and learn some things about farming that you may not know from someone who knows because they are a farmer.