Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you felt like you were on to something? A thought that no one had ever considered before, that would revolutionize the world if they heard? Only to find out that the person you were talking to wasn’t at that level?
Me too. More times than I can count.
 It gets frustrating trying to show the world a different viewpoint. Because everyone is so steeped in how they’ve been shown the world works that they don’t see that one little thought process can change so much.

I was discussing language and how I don’t understand why it changes. What brings on the change? Why does it change? Who started it and why? Here’s an example….. Bae. What brought this on? Why did whoever started this think they needed to shorten babe or baby? Many use it, others laugh at it, but it is considered a common word now. Why?

“Word get changed over time. Or other terms get shortened.”

My response….. They should not.

Language is confusing enough without words changing. And it’s not like it changes itself,  people change it. This is like a person decides ‘I like the word The so I am going to name my child that.’ then you end up with a bunch of kids named The because other people (for some strange reason) thought it was a good name.

Okay I probably over exaggerated but I was making a point. Language should be like math. Math doesn’t change. People understand it….. Far better than language. And remember,  I hate math. But I also find that math doesn’t let me down. All my numbers add up the same way every time. Unlike with language where one day it could mean this… And the next something completely different.  Language should not be malleable.

I don’t care if it is…. The point that I was making is that it shouldn’t be. About this point in the conversation I stop trying to explain myself. It is obvious I’m the only one who gets it. And I’m the weirdo. So,  I hear, were Galileo and Einstein. I doubt I’ll ever reach their genius but they looked at things a different way too. All I’m asking is that people try….. Try to look at a situation, a thought, an emotion, in a different way. Maybe you’ll find something better. 


When is a Face to Face Meeting Necessary

There are times when an occurrence happens that requires a face to face meeting to discuss it. I feel that some things don’t require a face to face meeting and I will try to explain the difference.
I believe that a face to face meeting is required for events like a parent marrying. The last thing one should do is inform their child over the phone. Another thing that requires a face to face conversation would be when someone is murdered or killed in an accident. It would not be acceptable for the police to give a phone call to the surviving relatives .
Jobs are another thing that needs a face to face meeting. You can’t be sure that the person you wish to hire is the right one without meeting them. Nor can you be certain that the company you want to hire you is the right one for you without meeting them.
There are other things like deaths, births, marriage of childless people, and finding long-lost relatives that sure if possible should be done face to face but, if the person needing to be informed lives a good distance away then by all means call them. It would not do for the distance to delay the conversation which could cause anmity between the person informing and the person being informed.
This is how I feel. Feel free to let me know if you feel differently. I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the matter.

Theory on Animal Language

So we can’t talk with our animals? Hmmm. Well I beg to differ. I think animal language is something we can learn just like we learn French, Russian, or Spanish. Some languages are harder to learn than others (for example I felt Latin was wicked difficult).¬†Let’s discuss the reason I think this. For those who have read the Bible (if you haven’t well feel free to read to understand where my theory came from) in Genesis is the well known story of Adam and Eve and their fall from grace. What always struck me as odd was ‘the serpent spoke’ to Eve. She did not jump up and run away screaming like most of us nowadays would if a snake started talking to us. So….maybe back then this was common, ordinary, or normal for animals to talk. Alright, so what? Well let’s continue on in our reading of the Bible….. not a thing about animals and people talking… but….when you get to the story of the tower of Babel…. the people are building a tower to God or the heavens….I do not think it was mentioned but I am sure that animals were being used to assist with the building. Well I believe that when God caused language to be confused, making it so every group could not communicate with each other, I believe that the animals were also involved… Making it so people could not communicate with them either but they can communicate with each other being of the same group. So…if we wanted and worked hard at it we could learn cow, cat, dog, duck, etc….just like another language….maybe a tad bit harder than Latin but hey well worth it in the long run. ūüôā