Farming Life

​Farming is never easy. Sometimes it can be downright frustrating. You do all you can do and still crap happpens. Your livestock dies or gets eaten. Your plants won’t grow, or they die, or get eaten. You get sick or they get sick. All kinds of things happen.

The other day, when I got home from work, I found a note from my daughter. Apparently some of the chicks died and she didn’t understand because she’d been caring for them. I know she was as I would double check everyday. My prognosis is the little stupid birds drowned. It happens. You just try to prevent them doing that in the future. Life is a learning process and so is farming. 

We still have a couple of chicks doing well. Hopefully we can get them to a healthy adulthood and enjoy them for a longer time then we were their poor siblings.


How Being a Farmer is Like Being a Parent

 I came across this article How being a farmer is like being a parent…wow she hit the nail on the head. Being both a mother and a farmer I never thought to consider how much alike the two are. I make sure the kids (aka Monsters) have what  nutrients they need to grow, much like what I do with my animals and the plants I am trying to grow. Just go read her article cause her words are great and mine would not do justice to what she had to say.

Dairy Carrie- Is There Pus In Milk

I recently read Dairy Carrie’s post Is There Pus In Milk. Even having been a dairy farmer for 8 years I had never had an explanation of the somatic cell count (SCC) as good as the one she gives in her post. I implore you, my readers, to go read her blog post. Heck just read and follow her blog…she shares a lot of wonderful information about the dairy industry.

I read the posts

And see the pics,

And my heart bleeds.

My tears fall.

The lives lost.

The dreams rent.

Farmers hurt.

Livestock gone.

Families wondering what to do.

Feeling lost,

Yet not alone

For neighbors help

even though they hurt too.

This is life.

The farmer’s life.

But through tough times

They continue on.

And though the Blizzard of 2013

caused much destruction.

They farm on.

Farm On

Saving Mini Mouse

The farm is closing.

This fact has been looming over those of us who love this place for months, and it’s getting closer.

My sole concern through all of this has been Mini Mouse.


I have raised her and taught her to be an easy going, lovable cow.

She stands still and will allow you to run your hands anywhere on her body without giving a problem. This was taught for when she starts getting milked.

Her biggest vice is a love of junk food. I’ve got videos on YouTube of her drinking a soda, eating a lollipop and munchkins.

She does eat healthy too.


Here she was eating pears and apples.

She will wear a halter but unless you have treats to feed her as you walk you won’t get far. 🙂

I love this cow.  Sadly she is not mine and I cannot afford her.

Oh, what do I do?

I finally got the nerve to ask my boss if I could try selling her on his behalf.

Guess what!?

I got permission!

So now I hope to find her a good family who will love her and care for her for me. I hope that they will let me visit. 🙂

Wish us luck.