Farming Life

​Farming is never easy. Sometimes it can be downright frustrating. You do all you can do and still crap happpens. Your livestock dies or gets eaten. Your plants won’t grow, or they die, or get eaten. You get sick or they get sick. All kinds of things happen.

The other day, when I got home from work, I found a note from my daughter. Apparently some of the chicks died and she didn’t understand because she’d been caring for them. I know she was as I would double check everyday. My prognosis is the little stupid birds drowned. It happens. You just try to prevent them doing that in the future. Life is a learning process and so is farming. 

We still have a couple of chicks doing well. Hopefully we can get them to a healthy adulthood and enjoy them for a longer time then we were their poor siblings.


Playing with my tablet.

I just got a tablet so this is my first post using it. I’m still figuring somethings out but so far I like it. It’s easier to type on than my phone and less bulky than my laptop.
So, I’m tired of winter. I’m tired of being sick. I want to plant my garden and play out in the sunshine and warm air. Anyone else? I am going to grow pumpkins and watermelons this year. Thinking about doing turkeys too. Raising for breeding purposes. I have plans for a new bird coop and I want to expand my yard. Yup, I’m thinking green lol.
Oh, By the way…. Anyone know any good farming apps?


So, what did I do today? I shopped. Lol got dinner for the kids for after their first ski lessons tomorrow, cat food, chicken food, and coal.
Then I renovated my chicken coop. (I loosely call it a chicken coop… It’s a large wooden crate my ‘husband’ brought home one day a couple years ago. I put down a couple pallets, put some plywood down, put the crate upside down on that, then covered one side with a piece of plywood and the top to cover the cracks.) Anyway, the renovation was to fit the new goose I’m now caring for. It fit the chickens and ducks Okay but the goose had an issue with ducking. Lol. So I cut part of the front door off widening the doorway height-wise and using a hair dryer I warmed up some of the piled up chicken/duck crap and cleaned it out. Now goose fits. Moved him/her in (not certain of gender).
Then I cleaned my hallway, hunted for ski clothes for the kids, watched a couple of movies and once it was dark enough wrangled some chickens.
I took in the chickens and goose from my neighbor who moved to town and couldn’t take them too.
Now off to keep the stove going and sleep a little before getting kids off to school tomorrow.

How Being a Farmer is Like Being a Parent

 I came across this article How being a farmer is like being a parent…wow she hit the nail on the head. Being both a mother and a farmer I never thought to consider how much alike the two are. I make sure the kids (aka Monsters) have what  nutrients they need to grow, much like what I do with my animals and the plants I am trying to grow. Just go read her article cause her words are great and mine would not do justice to what she had to say.

Dairy Carrie- Is There Pus In Milk

I recently read Dairy Carrie’s post Is There Pus In Milk. Even having been a dairy farmer for 8 years I had never had an explanation of the somatic cell count (SCC) as good as the one she gives in her post. I implore you, my readers, to go read her blog post. Heck just read and follow her blog…she shares a lot of wonderful information about the dairy industry.

I am a Fahm-her!

Between yesterday and today I hatched out 14 chicks in my incubator so far. 🙂 I am pretty pleased with myself as this is the largest batch I’ve managed to hatch out since I bought the incubator last September. Here’s a pic of the chicks that have hatched so far:

2014-06-03 10.16.00

Aren’t they cute?

I am not having a whole lot of luck with the seeds I planted. Not one has come up yet. 😦

However, my lilac tree after 11 years has FINALLY flowered! Yay!

2014-06-03 10.29.28

And the Giant Pumpkin plants, a friend gave me are doing well. (I think, I hope)

2014-06-03 10.29.49

To continue where I was going when I started this post…. I am fahm-her lol I thought about it for a bit this morning and most people (at least here in New England where I live and grew up) Farmer is pronounced (fahm-AH) but there are places where it is pronounced (farm-er). Then I wondered when did they drop the “h” before the “er”. Historically, women were the ones who worked the fields and took care of the plants. They were the original “farm-hers”.  Men worked with the animals. I guess I am a little backwards as I do better with the animals than I do with the plants but you know what…..I am a fahm-her and I am proud of it….and when I grow the biggest pumpkin and win the first prize at the local fair…I’ll go ha! lol.

Some Days I Hate Being A Farmer

I had the cutest little chick hatch out this morning…However it had an unusual looking “growth” on its rear end. I took it over to my knowledgeable mother-in-law who said my cute little chick had a prolapse (Prolapse – when there is vent damage, typically caused by laying an very large egg (also referred to as a blowout) taken from This can happen in chicks who work too hard to get out of the egg.

Well, what upset me is this issue did not resolve itself. Instead, it got worse. It started to leak nasty yellow stuff. I decided to euthanize my adorable little chick instead of letting it suffer. I hate that part. I want the (insert animal here) to live. Life is amazing and extremely important.

Farming is a tough world to live in. Sometimes things don’t go well and the farmer has to make a decision regarding his/her livestock that is not easy. Many people think “That is just awful, how can you do that, you horrible person.” Let me tell you….Those decisions are not made lightly there is much thought and pain in the decisions they make. They have to look at the health of the animal, the quality of life for the animal, the blood, sweat and tears, put into that animal, as well as the cost of both keeping it alive and putting it down. People do that everyday in regards to their pets and sometimes even loved ones. It is not easy, which if you have ever been in that situation you understand. If you don’t…well you have to experience it to understand the amount of thought and grief that goes into these decisions.

I wish everyday was easy. That my animals don’t die. That I don’t have to make decisions like the one I did today. But it doesn’t always work that way and those are the days I hate being a farmer.