I keep writing posts that I don’t finish and don’t post. I really need to get them done but,  I’ve been busy being a mom, working, living life. 

In fact, this past weekend I went to New York city. I had a wonderful time seeing the sights and visiting friends. I strongly suggest visiting the 9/11 memorial. It is powerful and had me in tears but at the same time a now peaceful place where once there was massive destruction. I loved seeing the survivor tree and sharing with my friend that I learned they give a sapling from the survivor tree to 3 communities a year who suffer a major tragedy. That’s pretty cool. I also liked seeing the memorials in Central Park and battery park. History should not be forgotten. It’s why it bothers mee tearing down of the civil war statues. Sure I don’t agree with their beliefs but it’s a reminder not to make those mistakes. 

 And I may not be a Yankees fan but seeing Babe Ruth’s jersey and all the signed baseballs in the museum at the stadium was neat. 

I also attended my first ever Pride in Brooklyn. It was fascinating. Though I want to discuss a little altercation I saw. This man holding a Bible in the air and shouting hateful things at the people gathered there…. That is so wrong. The Bible I’ve read talks about love. You will reach more people with a few  words of love then with any number of hate. One of my friends and I discussed instead of sending hate back or arguing or listening to this drivel, surround them with love and silence. I would love to hear someone play Sound of Silence by Disturbed as they do this but, that is my sense of humor showing. 

Well, now that I feel accomplished for sharing thoughts, feelings, and a little of what I’ve been up to I’m going to sign off for now. Don’t worry I’ll pop back in again soon. Promise. 


Independence Day…. What does it mean to you?

I am currently typing on my computer (okay not this second I’m using the phone ap :-P) a post about Independence Day and the thoughts I have about it.
What does Independence Day mean to you?

I read the posts

And see the pics,

And my heart bleeds.

My tears fall.

The lives lost.

The dreams rent.

Farmers hurt.

Livestock gone.

Families wondering what to do.

Feeling lost,

Yet not alone

For neighbors help

even though they hurt too.

This is life.

The farmer’s life.

But through tough times

They continue on.

And though the Blizzard of 2013

caused much destruction.

They farm on.

Farm On

Saving Mini Mouse

The farm is closing.

This fact has been looming over those of us who love this place for months, and it’s getting closer.

My sole concern through all of this has been Mini Mouse.


I have raised her and taught her to be an easy going, lovable cow.

She stands still and will allow you to run your hands anywhere on her body without giving a problem. This was taught for when she starts getting milked.

Her biggest vice is a love of junk food. I’ve got videos on YouTube of her drinking a soda, eating a lollipop and munchkins.

She does eat healthy too.


Here she was eating pears and apples.

She will wear a halter but unless you have treats to feed her as you walk you won’t get far. 🙂

I love this cow.  Sadly she is not mine and I cannot afford her.

Oh, what do I do?

I finally got the nerve to ask my boss if I could try selling her on his behalf.

Guess what!?

I got permission!

So now I hope to find her a good family who will love her and care for her for me. I hope that they will let me visit. 🙂

Wish us luck.

I am not Perfect and Neither are You.

It drives me absolutely crazy when a person gets judged over things in their life.

So what? You make more money.

So what? Due to your job you have a whole extra day to spend with your family.

That doesn’t make you better than I.

Everyone has to work with what they have… Sure wanting more is not a bad thing… (it is when you want everything)

Wanting things to be better isn’t a bad thing either.

But how dare you judge someone and make opinions and thoughts on their life and how they live it when you aren’t even seeing the issues in your life.

And forget even listening when someone tries to point out your faults and failures.

I apologize for the rant.  This country has so many people struggling day to day and it just infuriates me when someone in a loftier position looks down on those people and thinks ‘TRASH. Those people are why the world is such a terrible place right now. And their kids god they are going to turn out just as bad.’

Ugh!  They don’t know that.  Last I checked these people aren’t God.

So think kindly of your fellow person… You don’t know how much worse their life could be and you don’t know how much worse than theirs yours could get if life decides to take a turn.

Have a good day, all.

“Don’t sidestep suffering. You have to go through it to get where you’re going.” -Katherine Anne Porter (Writer)

 Suffering sucks. Everyone has gone through it at one point in time or another.

Remember though….Through every sucky time there is a good time waiting around the corner..

I know so many times things have gone wrong… My car broke, I have no money, My cat is sick, My kids are complaining there isn’t enough food in the house…

But eventually life balances itself out and things are better…

I look forward to those times… because then I can relax…just for a bit… at least until the next crisis period… and guess what….I will get through that one too….

If I can do it then so can you…. I have enough faith in you, my reader, that you can do it…

Don’t worry there are many people out there going through maybe not exactly the same but similar issues and they will get through it too.

“Don’t sidestep…

LIfe Gets Better As You Get Older

Life gets better as you get older? Who believes this? Sure as you get older you no longer have to be under the restrictions your parents give you….but then you have the restrictions of work, your own children, bills, homeownership, etc. So how does life get better as you get older?

I feel life gets better as you choose it to be. If you can in your own mind rationalize that things in your life are not really that awful….that someone, somewhere has things worse than you….you can realize that your life is better and in fact really is pretty good. If you can take the time to slow down, look around and find something beautiful in the world around you…you can realize that yeah your life is pretty darn good.

So you have too much work to do and too many bills to pay….the economy sucks…. there are too many unemployed people….the price of gas and everything else is too high…. but ….. you are missing the ordinary miracles….

STOP! Take a break. Look outside. If the sun is shining…. enjoy it… Flowers, grass, fresh air, rainbows, even a nice steady rain can be beautiful if you take the time to look and watch…. Wildlife…who doesn’t love to see a wild animal on the side of the road (preferably alive 🙂 lol) or in your own backyard. Children playing… Your significant other… Beauty is everywhere.. just look for it.

So even though I do not believe life gets better as you get older, Life DOES get better.