My No Weight Loss Journey 

I’ve attempted periodically throughout the last few years to lose weight. I start off good, eating better and exercising….. Then I stop and gain all the weight I lost back. Since I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately I contemplated this. Why do I stop trying to lose weight? The answer I came up with is this…… Men.

I currently weigh 217 pounds and men hit on me even though I am not interested. I start losing weight and get hit on more so, subconsciously I start thinking weigh more equals less getting hit on. I truly want to be 130 pounds again…. I just don’t want men to think they have the right to hit on me like I look like I do because I want a man. I just want to be healthy and feel good about myself. 

I recently wrote a blog post called Guys, It’s Not Okay talking about how it’s not okay to assume that a girl is into a guy because she speaks to him. Well, it’s also not okay to think that girl is good looking in your eyes so therefore she wants to have sex with you. No. Girls look good because they want to look good. It helps them feel good about themselves. Powerful. Able to accomplish anything. 

This society has allowed men to objectify women. Women are seen as sexual beings when truth is…… It’s really men. I think men think waaay more about sex than the average woman does. Don’t get me wrong I like a good bout of sex but I learned from a bunch of males how to take almost anything and see it as something sexual. I hate to say it but it’s so much harder to go back to the innocent thought process after learning that than going back to white after black. 

Well, knowing this anyway,  why I stop trying to lose weight, I’m going to try again. Maybe I’ll succeed this time, maybe I won’t but, guys could help by not making the sexual comments that seem to spew out of their mouths without thought. 




Guys, It’s Not Okay 


Girls are not here just for sex. They are here for companionship. Girls don’t talk to you just because they are interested in sex. There is probably something about you that interests them but until they get to know you better to know that you are a decent guy it isn’t about sex. It’s not okay to think this way. It’s the whole reason things like rape happens…. In my opinion. Learn to be a companion first. That I believe is the point of dating. Not to get the girl into your bed. Date them. Get to really know them as a friend and companion before the intimacy. It will show her that you respect her and truly care for her. 

I hope to instill this thought process into my son, despite his father. I hope our future generations learn from ours. I hope that someday women are seen as the equals they really are to men. 

Companionship. Trust. Respect. Love. 

Respecting Power Tools

Apparently, I needed a lesson in how to properly respect power tools (this according to the father of my children, who I don’t always get along with).  Hmmmm.
Now I do not like power tools. I prefer the hard work of doing it the old fashioned way (hammer, screwdriver, saw). However, I like how sometimes you can get stuff done faster with the power tool.
For almost thirty-two years I have done quite well without actually using a power tool (cause I can usually get someone else to do it)…. This year though I ended up having to use a sawzall? (I can never keep them straight). 
I needed wood cut and ‘hubby’ (yeah we’re married too but that is a whole nother complicated story) couldn’t be bothered to cut my wood (I’m using pallets as kindling) because his chainsaw was dull or he was busy, or tired, or, or, or… Get it?
He ended up ‘loaning’ (I’ve had it like three weeks now) to cut up the wood. My arm is killing me from the vibrations but I’ve been keeping my house and children warm.
Today he tells me that he has a skilsaw? He will give me to use. So instead of a long tool with a blade at the end which vibrates the blade fast (I’ve grown comfortable with but still leery of)  I’m to use a round blade thing which gives anyone a bigger chance of injuring themselves (and I’m talking normal people not clumsy, accident-prone me). Uh I don’t Think so.
Yeah then he tells me that it will be easier (though more dangerous) and he had to wait til I learned how to properly respect the power tool before I could use it.
Hmmf. I respect the darn things enough NOT to use them all these years. (eye-roll). Give me some credit. I have gone thirty-two years without an injury from a power tool I think I’ll keep adding to my record, thank you very much.
Lesson learned…… Long before you felt the need to ‘teach’ me.
Yeah I know all men aren’t like that. It just doesn’t work the same if I use a different word (like his name, he isn’t the only one in the world with his name).
I don’t get why other people feel the need to ‘teach’ people things they already know. It’s like explaining to an adult that sticking your finger in an electric socket causes pain…. Most learned that as a child.
I don’t fear power tools, I have a healthy respect and keep my distance, like normal people and a bull. :-).