FInding a Job is A PAIN

I have been searching for months for a job. Since before I lost my last job, since I wanted to keep working. Now here I am no job and a week behind on a bill. (A rather important bill since it is for the laptop I currently use for my schoolwork, yeah I blog with it too.) Anyway….There is NOTHING out there for someone like me apparently…. I am a dairy farmer. I work with animals. I don’t care what kinds as I like them all. But I can’t freaking find work.

So I broaden my horizons. I have been looking…EVERYWHERE. I’ve filled out and turned in applications at so many places but so far NOTHING. This is tiring. I know I have applied at jobs I do not want to do  but I need the money to pay my bills, to feed my kids, and to feed my animals (who next year should start earning me money but for now I am struggling). UGH!

 Why do I keep hearing how the economy is getting better and unemployment is down when….HELLO! I CAN NOT FIND A JOB!

UGH! Yeah I am annoyed.

It is frustrating. Do I sound cocky like I am good and I know it? Or does that seem overbearing? How do you sound like the best choice without overdoing it? I have not had to look for a job for EIGHT YEARS! WTH!

OH well. back to the drawing board. hunting for more places to apply to.

Hope you are having a good day.



LIfe Gets Better As You Get Older

Life gets better as you get older? Who believes this? Sure as you get older you no longer have to be under the restrictions your parents give you….but then you have the restrictions of work, your own children, bills, homeownership, etc. So how does life get better as you get older?

I feel life gets better as you choose it to be. If you can in your own mind rationalize that things in your life are not really that awful….that someone, somewhere has things worse than you….you can realize that your life is better and in fact really is pretty good. If you can take the time to slow down, look around and find something beautiful in the world around you…you can realize that yeah your life is pretty darn good.

So you have too much work to do and too many bills to pay….the economy sucks…. there are too many unemployed people….the price of gas and everything else is too high…. but ….. you are missing the ordinary miracles….

STOP! Take a break. Look outside. If the sun is shining…. enjoy it… Flowers, grass, fresh air, rainbows, even a nice steady rain can be beautiful if you take the time to look and watch…. Wildlife…who doesn’t love to see a wild animal on the side of the road (preferably alive 🙂 lol) or in your own backyard. Children playing… Your significant other… Beauty is everywhere.. just look for it.

So even though I do not believe life gets better as you get older, Life DOES get better.