I Love When People Think I’m Gullible

Yes, sure, you go right ahead and tell me all that bureaucratic bullshit. I’ll look you right in the eye and act like I believe you.   Deep inside my thoughts though, I know you are full of it.
It completely amuses me to listen to someone tell me that, ‘Oh I didn’t say that.’ I know you did because someone else heard you and told me but, go ahead, try and convince me that it wasn’t what you said. I Know the truth.


My Job

I’ve been working at my job for over a year now. I feel a good part of the time like I have no time anymore for all the things I used to do and plan to do, one of which is this blog. I barely have the energy to put into caring for my livestock and cleaning my house, let alone the gardening I intend to do. I feel like a farmer failure. Farming has been a huge part of my life. I feel lost without it. However this job is helping to improve my situation. I have money set aside for the first time ever. Not a lot but it’s slowly growing. I’m thinking of adding to the barn and growing my livestock. I’m hoping to find some of my lost energy this year. I also hope to maybe find a part time job or someone who who let me spend some time with their cow. I miss being around cows the most. I miss my old job terribly. I’m Cowcrazy. Having no cows just isn’t natural. Lol.
Have a great day readers.