Outside the Box

I like to think outside the box. In fact I am not really a fan of boxes or lines. I want to escape boxes and rub out lines. I am unique. Unable to be defined.  So why do people try to define me? Put me in a box or behind a line? If I’m unique how can one describe me using labels? I cross labels, cross lines, think freely. You can’t tell me that I must dress a certain way, believe or think a certain way, because I will cross lines and go outside the box. Don’t define me with a label because I will show you that that label doesn’t fit. Tell me I’m Goth, I add color. Tell me I’m girly, I’ll find something especially manly to do. Tell me I’m Christian and I’ll show you magic. 

It is hard for anyone to break out of the norm. Society calls this a breech. To me a breech is when the baby comes out backwards. Doesn’t make it less of a miracle, less of a baby, nor does it make it abnormal. It happens. So why when someone comes along who thinks a little different, acts a little different, do we as a society call them abnormal? Is it because we don’t know how to handle it? 

Think of some great people who were considered crazy back in their time…. Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Galileo? Now we see them as a genius of their time. Why wait til their genius is long gone before we recognize it? People talk about “making a change”, “making  a difference”, “pay it forward” and I wonder do they truly understand what difference they want to make? I know the difference I want to make. I want people to see the lines that others make and erase them. I want them to see beyond one religion to see the great that crosses them all. I want to celebrate the unique, the weird, the strange, and the crazy every day.  Be different and own it. Don’t let anyone tell you how you are supposed to be. 


Today is my 35th birthday. I hate my birthdays. Once when I was young I probably looked forward to them but, as I got older my birthday started to be associated with bad things happening. This year seems no different. My car is broken, the truck I bought has an issue I’m trying to figure out and fix, because of those two problems I canceled plans to hang out with a friend tonight, my kids have been arguing and having tempers all day, and then I yelled at them for the arguing, yelling, and not doing their chores which resulted in my son pretty much telling me that I am no longer his parent. Yup great day. Maybe someday they’ll get better but I’ve lost all hope of that. 

I Love When People Think I’m Gullible

Yes, sure, you go right ahead and tell me all that bureaucratic bullshit. I’ll look you right in the eye and act like I believe you.   Deep inside my thoughts though, I know you are full of it.
It completely amuses me to listen to someone tell me that, ‘Oh I didn’t say that.’ I know you did because someone else heard you and told me but, go ahead, try and convince me that it wasn’t what you said. I Know the truth.

Today’s World

At the end of my spiel will be a bunch of links to various articles of what I am talking about.
Today’s world is a sad place…
Today’s world is a place that finds the commonplace extraordinary.
My friend, Crystal, has Mitochondrial Disease. It’s a genetic disorder that, well, even after reading about and hearing Crystal talk about, I can admit I still don’t understand. However, it causes a lot of health problems. Partly because of this and partly from an accident involving a distracted driver, Crystal is in a wheelchair.
So? Oh, my story does not end here. Despite everything Crystal deals with from her disorder she lives a normal life. She has a business ( http://littlefreeradical.etsy.com/)  and a family.

Now, I’m sure you are asking ‘just where the heck is she going with this?’  Just trust me….. You’ll get it in a minute… Keep reading.

Crystal shoveled snow.
This is an amazing story.
Holy cow a woman in a wheelchair shoveled snow.

Okay slight sarcasm there. I am proud of Crystal. Not because she’s in a wheelchair and does…. Well ‘normal’ people stuff (don’t get me started on normal), but because she looked out for her community. 
I still remember when neighbors knew each other and helped each other out. This is not ‘normal’ anymore. The world is all me, me, me. We are too lazy to go do it because someone else can or it’s someone else’s job.

Puh-lease. Get over yourselves. Get out of your house (mom’s basement) and go do something. Shovel snow. Get groceries for an elderly neighbor. Take a walk around the neighborhood and actually greet the neighbors you walk by (I’m not advising going door to door just as you are out and about) and get to know them. See what you can do to help. It will make a difference.

This shouldn’t be ‘viral’, ‘amazing’, or ‘shocking’. It should be commonplace and ordinary.  Let’s all be more like Crystal and consider our neighbors.




01.05.15 Longest Day So Far This Year

Woke up at 6:30 AM to get the Monsters off to school. Today was their first ski lesson and I didn’t have to pick them up from school. Made sure they had everything. Packed food for dinner. (yes, dinner not lunch, they get lunch at school and ski lessons go late).
Then after feeding the dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, goose, and pig, I transported a turtle I was caring for to my girlfriend’s (more on her later). I was concerned that even with the tank heater he’d freeze with the cold we are getting. I can’t keep the fire going while I’m at work. Another trip to the house to get the turtle stand. After that I made some Ramen, brought a car seat to a friend to borrow, and went to my sister-in-law’s to take a shower. Then to work. After work, talked with some of my coworkers for awhile then went home, started fire. Then back to sister-in-law’s to sleep before I have to get kids up for school. It’s currently 3 AM on 01.06.15 and now I’m going to bed.


So, what did I do today? I shopped. Lol got dinner for the kids for after their first ski lessons tomorrow, cat food, chicken food, and coal.
Then I renovated my chicken coop. (I loosely call it a chicken coop… It’s a large wooden crate my ‘husband’ brought home one day a couple years ago. I put down a couple pallets, put some plywood down, put the crate upside down on that, then covered one side with a piece of plywood and the top to cover the cracks.) Anyway, the renovation was to fit the new goose I’m now caring for. It fit the chickens and ducks Okay but the goose had an issue with ducking. Lol. So I cut part of the front door off widening the doorway height-wise and using a hair dryer I warmed up some of the piled up chicken/duck crap and cleaned it out. Now goose fits. Moved him/her in (not certain of gender).
Then I cleaned my hallway, hunted for ski clothes for the kids, watched a couple of movies and once it was dark enough wrangled some chickens.
I took in the chickens and goose from my neighbor who moved to town and couldn’t take them too.
Now off to keep the stove going and sleep a little before getting kids off to school tomorrow.


Today, I read for a while. (Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich. I love her Stephanie Plum series they can always make me laugh.) I also played some games (Solitaire, Bingo, and Monopoly). All in all I rested because I could. The monsters had ditched me for Grammie next door so I took advantage.
Tonight however I wake to a sound. I listened for a bit then peered out the window with a flashlight….. Wonderful… Snow (said with a large dose of sarcasm). So I got up…. Got the fire going and went out to shovel off my roof. During snowstorms I have to continuously do this as I live in a crappy mobile home and I worry that one day the roof will cave in.
Now I’m back in the house continuing work on the fire and writing today’s post 😉 Soon I’ll go to bed for a little bit before checking fire again and again. Tomorrow I’ll probably be busy shoveling and in between doing the fire, chores, and cleaning… Oh joys what fun.