Outside the Box

I like to think outside the box. In fact I am not really a fan of boxes or lines. I want to escape boxes and rub out lines. I am unique. Unable to be defined.  So why do people try to define me? Put me in a box or behind a line? If I’m unique how can one describe me using labels? I cross labels, cross lines, think freely. You can’t tell me that I must dress a certain way, believe or think a certain way, because I will cross lines and go outside the box. Don’t define me with a label because I will show you that that label doesn’t fit. Tell me I’m Goth, I add color. Tell me I’m girly, I’ll find something especially manly to do. Tell me I’m Christian and I’ll show you magic. 

It is hard for anyone to break out of the norm. Society calls this a breech. To me a breech is when the baby comes out backwards. Doesn’t make it less of a miracle, less of a baby, nor does it make it abnormal. It happens. So why when someone comes along who thinks a little different, acts a little different, do we as a society call them abnormal? Is it because we don’t know how to handle it? 

Think of some great people who were considered crazy back in their time…. Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Galileo? Now we see them as a genius of their time. Why wait til their genius is long gone before we recognize it? People talk about “making a change”, “making  a difference”, “pay it forward” and I wonder do they truly understand what difference they want to make? I know the difference I want to make. I want people to see the lines that others make and erase them. I want them to see beyond one religion to see the great that crosses them all. I want to celebrate the unique, the weird, the strange, and the crazy every day.  Be different and own it. Don’t let anyone tell you how you are supposed to be. 


Today is my 35th birthday. I hate my birthdays. Once when I was young I probably looked forward to them but, as I got older my birthday started to be associated with bad things happening. This year seems no different. My car is broken, the truck I bought has an issue I’m trying to figure out and fix, because of those two problems I canceled plans to hang out with a friend tonight, my kids have been arguing and having tempers all day, and then I yelled at them for the arguing, yelling, and not doing their chores which resulted in my son pretty much telling me that I am no longer his parent. Yup great day. Maybe someday they’ll get better but I’ve lost all hope of that. 

Last week

So my plans for posting once a day, once again, went by the wayside. With Monday being a holiday I pretty much relaxed. Watched a ton of NCIS my favorite show, did minor cleaning, and did the laundry. The Friday before I got my cat fixed and got pulled over for no inspection sticker. Now there is a story because the cop pulled me over for no inspection sticker but, I also left my wallet at home so no driver’s license and for some strange reason my registration for the vehicle I was driving was in the glove box of my other vehicle (I was unaware of this until I tried to give the cop my registration). He actually, much to my surprise, let me go. The rest of the week I was tired or stressed about bills due so I slept alot. Had appointments that kids needed to go to and I managed to get them to their respective appointments. I have however started working on writing a book. Some silly thing I have wanted to do for awhile and I finally decided what the hell let’s start. (No I am not going to post the story here don’t be silly I just started writing it) Hope everyone has a great week and I will try to continue to post well whatever I feel like writing.:)

Columbus Day

I hear every holiday some complaint over it. Today is Columbus Day and I’m seeing things like started genocide and indigenous heritage. I’m sorry but Columbus had nothing to do with the killings of native Americans. Whether one likes it or not the fact that Columbus landed in America in October of 1492, is part of our history. It is FACT. The wars on the natives of America didn’t start until 1622. Stop blaming him for every bit of history that happened after he arrived on our shores. By this thought process, we can blame Columbus for the current wars going on now. If he hadn’t landed here then September 11,2001 wouldn’t have happened. Or the Boston Marathon bombing. Or the hate that many people across the ocean has for us, Americans. I’m tired of hearing all the complaints about holidays celebrating or remembering parts of our history. I tired of hearing complaints about ANY holiday. Some people actually enjoy celebrating these holidays and all these complaints are doing is bringing them down. You DO NOT have to celebrate. (Amazing idea huh?) Let those who wish to celebrate enjoy there celebration , whatever the holiday may be. 

Farming Life

​Farming is never easy. Sometimes it can be downright frustrating. You do all you can do and still crap happpens. Your livestock dies or gets eaten. Your plants won’t grow, or they die, or get eaten. You get sick or they get sick. All kinds of things happen.

The other day, when I got home from work, I found a note from my daughter. Apparently some of the chicks died and she didn’t understand because she’d been caring for them. I know she was as I would double check everyday. My prognosis is the little stupid birds drowned. It happens. You just try to prevent them doing that in the future. Life is a learning process and so is farming. 

We still have a couple of chicks doing well. Hopefully we can get them to a healthy adulthood and enjoy them for a longer time then we were their poor siblings.

My Best Friend, M. C. 

I have two best friends. I’m going to talk about M. C.  here. M. C. is going through a tough time. She just had a baby and a week after having the baby her boyfriend, the baby’s dad, passed away. To top all that off his birthday would have been the next week. She’s now the sole provider and caretaker of three gorgeous girls, ranging in age from 11 to newborn. My heart breaks for her. 

Tonight she was talking about journaling, which has been helping her cope with the loss. And I realized that I am sadly lacking on my own blog so here I write. 

I just met M. C.’s boyfriend two days before he died. I told him to take care of my woman. When I heard that he was gone I was angry at him. It was an accident but I didn’t care. He’s no longer around to care for my best friend and her girls. 

Sure, I didn’t know him well enough to grieve like M. C.  is, but I am working my way through my feelings on his death. I’m going to be there for the family for the rest of their lives. Do anything I can to help. She’s my best friend.